Samantha Drane's Twist of Fate is out now and available in print! It is a paranormal romance. Look for book 2 next month!
Alex Brightmore thought he had it all.

A wonderful family as well as a beautiful woman who just agreed to marry him. Everything was perfect, until it all came grinding to a halt. After the mysterious disappearance of his bride-to-be and the gruesome deaths of his mother and twin sister, Alex was offered a chance to gain the ultimate gift.

Immortality was the gift.

The Catch? Spend eternity as a Vampire. 

Now, as he shielded his heart and swore that he would never let himself fall in love again, he leaves the safety of London to start anew. But Fate had other plans for him. "Fate" came in the form of museum researcher Jade Stevens. They meet at a party and neither can deny the growing attraction between them. She realizes though, that to love him she must know all of him.

No matter what the cost may be. 

However, hidden secrets and Jade's link to Alex's past haunt the pair, and a former lover from Jade's past puts her life in serious danger. To save the woman that he has fallen in love with, can he truly ignore this Twist of Fate?

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