To celebrate Evolution Press going live and the 4th of July. We have some free-bees to share! 

Numb: A Book of Poetry is FREE on amazon right now!!
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Also over on Smashwords you can get a copy of The Unicorn and The Serpent for free using this coupon: JR26B. Offer is good until midnight July 4th!
This is good for any e-copy version


The appearance of a unicorn means a great change is coming. 

Princess Morgan, wild and fiery, heir to her father’s throne, can best any man with a sword. Now grown she is fearful of being Queen. But when visitors from a different kingdom show up Morgan is faced with great changes as their easy life is turned upside down.

If scared away there is a Serpent nearby. The serpent means a great sadness. 

One other change occurs as mysteries unravel themselves to her. Morgan's own feelings towards one of her guards. Faced with loss, love and some touches of magic Morgan has to become the Queen she is meant to be or succumb to a life worse than death-servitude.

You can get this in print on amazon an createspace!

Hope everyone has a great 4th and be safe out there!



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